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default meaning of life

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يوما ما قد أفهم هذه الحياة....يوما ما..

is about happiness
life is about pain
life is about understanding
life is about emotions
life is about hard times
life is about freedom
life is about who u are
life is about what u need
life is about be yourself
life is about knowledge
life is about you
on one but you
Life is not a BED of roses,x
Life is not enchanting,x
Life is unpredictable, x
Life is a journey to be made to gain maturity.x
Life could be disappointing,x
Life could be devastating.x
Life could also be saddening.x
Life could be a sunshine,x
Life could be a dilemma.x
Life could be a heart ache
Life could be a rainbow.x
But above all; x
Life is a mystery and free for all to explore.x

Life is a gift, Live it, Enjoy it, Celebrate it, And fulfill it and most of all LOVE IT!!!x
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A world full of shining colours everywhere
A world fully dedicated to love
A world knows only the way of humanity
A world which starts its day with a smile
A world which ends its days with a thanks to the Almighty

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